Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Press Coverage

A couple of people took some interest in my adventures. Here are a the resulting

About the Statesman article, I just want to be clear on a couple of points. First, I never thumped my chest and second, it is NOT "all about me". My life doesn't work without the support of my friends and family. Yes, it is up to me to do the work to achieve my goals in life. But I could not have accomplished a fraction of what I have done in the last five years without a lot of help.

On that note I want to say thanks to... Pat and Ginger Corn, Kevin Corn, Wes Aylor, Jenifer Bryan, Jason McDaniel, Dave Carapetyan, Paul Carapetyan, Juan Meza, David Matuschak, David Aldrich, Kim and George Martinez, Trevor Baldock, Buck McDowell, Tiger Davis, Aaron Jones, Rene Ness, Bo Rivers, Eric Beverding, Bill Harmon, Dan Scanlon, Jenny and Terry Mathys, Jeff Schaadt, Larry Matlock, John Osmon, Dan Pedroza, David Garner, Mark Gillett, Marcus Laporte, Kelly Crist, John Hale, Andrew Nguyen, Jerrett Jan, Spencer Lowry, Thomas VandenOever, Jennifer and James Buratti, Robyn Herry, Robert Sharp, Benjamin Ellinger, Larisa Simone, Lori Niva, Damon Laird, Hal Collins, Harris Hill Road, Cowboy Honda Kyle, www.risinglotus.net , Apex Cycles, Rally Ready Motorsports and many more.

Austin American Statesman article : Insightful but off on some key facts. When he admitted that he didn't know what the Baja 1000 was I knew that he could never really get me. I wish I had made him watch Dust to Glory and Worlds Fastest Indian before he even interviewed me.


A video interview on Peckhammer.blip.tv :


I will be racing with the CMRA on a Graves Yamaha R1 for 2010.

Don't worry, I will be back on the Peak again in 2010.


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Here are the winners of the raffle:

• The painting by Stephanie Nance-Jeff Schaadt

• Paintball at Hill 13-Marcus Laporte

• Belt Buckle by Lucy Blue Studio-Kelly Crist

• Membership to The WonderCraft-John Hale

• Texas necklace by Broken Ear Production-Andrew Nguyen

I will be contacting the various donors and winners and arranging delivery of the prizes. Thank you guys so much for making Brianne's run up the mountain possible.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We're back

Stay posted for pics, stories and raffle results!

Home. And in one piece!

I finally made it home at 6 am today. I feel like I have been gone a month.

Once I discovered this surprise blog and finished wiping the tears from my eyes I dreamed of posting daily updates with photos and video to keep you posted. Well that didn't quite work out. For starters in Colorado AT&T is about as useless as a retarded rock. So direct uploads from the iphone were not an option, besides that there was no time as I was busy every minute of every day trying to get the most out of my old motorcycle.

The XR makes a good urban hooligan machine but once I started pushing it hard against the modern bikes in a race environment its shortcomings began to glare. With only a few days to attempt to minimize the issues and a 2:30 wake up call every day. I was a little haggard at the beginning middle and end of each day. My stated goals from the beginning was simply to make it to the top and to not be last. I wasn't event sure if I would make the 15% cut off. I made it!

It was only with everyone's help and support that I did as well as I did. The reports from Jen that money was coming in helped lift some of the stress from the financial hole I was digging, allowing me to concentrate on being apart of this piece of history that is slipping away a little more every year. Next year wasn't going to cut it. They are going to try and pave another 12,000 ft by race time next summer. By 2011 it may all be paved bringing an end to an era.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me make this dream come true.

You can find photos and more detailed accounts of my adventures at my photobucket site. These are from my iphone as more photos and video come in I will update the album.


Here is the link to Jason's photobucket.


Thanks again,
Brianne Corn

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Test Day

Test day. Brianne and Dave C are at Harris Hill Raceway to test and tune the equipment. Brianne has her race tires and wheels mounted on the Honda and she should be just about dialed in for PPIHC. She will have to re-tune for altitude but it should be close to ready. This is a pre preliminary shakedown for both vehicles. We will setup racecamp this weekend and be ready to get into it Monday. We will have my laptop with us so we will try to post updates. Did I mention it is about 40 degrees in the morning there?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Step it up people!

I have come out of my blog seclusion to post for a very worthwhile cause. I am calling in favors to help send my friend to the race at Pike's Peak. I am sure you all are saying,"That crazy women races every weekend, why should I roll out with my scrilla in hard times?" This is different, this is big time racing. I am sure most of you have asked for car help from me or Brianne at sometime. This is your chance to pay it forward. We need your help getting her up that hill. What most people don't realize is that this is everything for Brianne—she has poured everything both physically, financially, and spiritually into this journey and sometimes we all need a hand. I am asking for your help, and for those who have already and still continue too, Thank you. I have grown up in a racing community and you win before you ever get there because of your friends, family, sometimes even strangers. I WILL START CALLING YOU ALL SOON, MAKING YOU UNCOMFORTABLE! So make it easy on yourself and donate now!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Raffle Prizes

Here are the prizes:

• A painting by one of our favorite artists, Stephanie Nance! Retail is $190. approx. 12" square. acrylic on wood panel, on a 3" deep cradle.

•4 paintball games courtesy of Hill 13 Paintball. Each game gets you gun rental, mask rental, 500 paintballs and 4 hrs field access. This retails at $160. You can keep this to your self or invite 3 friends out to play. Makes for a fun time!

• One belt buckle of your choice from Lucy Blue Studio. Please click on the shop button on the website to see the available designs. Here is one lovely sample of what you could win. Great for a man or a woman.

• One Backpacker level membership with The WonderCraft that retails for $125 with an actual value of $250. Benefits include:
-Standard welcome package
-Invitations to members-only parties and events
-$50 WonderCraft class pass good toward the fees of any WonderCraft class (supplies not included, good for one year).
-Awesome "I Drive The WonderCraft" bumper sticker
-Quarterly e-newsletter with advance notice of classes, events and programs along with special members-only offers.

•One unique, handmade, brass Texas necklace from Broken Ear Productions
Show your love for Texas with this unique necklace. Each pendant is sawed by hand making it completely unique! Great for men or women.
Pendant measures approximately 1.5 inches
Chain measures approximately 28 inches